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What a Year!

I hope you're well and staying inspired! While I know 2020 was devastating in many ways, it was one of the best years of my recent life. My son became a Marine, my daughter moved back to Buffalo, and I have new music to share from some recording I did with Marc Hunt--engineer and musician extraordinaire (go to Adam Insult & The Injuries to hear it--there's a link in my menu).

I am also back in school again as a student just for fun and am finding time to build a songwriter's workshop to share some of the lessons I've learned after writing, recording, and performing for over 30 years now. I hope you will join me! Nick Lippa from WBFO is doing a short segment on it, and I will post that as it becomes available. 

While I was not planning to resume playing live until the fall, I am taking gigs if the phone rings, and it has been ringing (A LOT), so you can go to my "shows" page for details. Some offers have been weddings, so those are private. (Getting married? Try me for the ceremony or cocktail hour!) This season, and next, I am doing American Songbook type shows with an AMAZING set of musicians (the players might rotate depending on availability). 

Stay healthy and inspired, and no matter who you are or what you do, KEEP WRITING! Now, more than ever, you have plenty to say. ❤️

Join us!

Join us!

If you're new here, I recommend my NEW Soundcloud page for listening.

I have a video link as well if you're more into that, but my original songs are more on the Soundcloud page.