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Two 2018 songs for download. "Mean" on the left, for YOU KNOW WHO, and "And You Want Us Dead" on the right for mass shooters. These two acoustic songs HAD to be written and recorded quickly as they are timely messages.

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Be: CD
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Be: CD

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(2017) Themes: the long-overdue apology, thankless jobs, giving marriage another try, givers versus takers, the gore and glory of grapevines, and "Be" is from parents to their children. Winner of 3 Global Music Awards!

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In From the Cold -- 16 songs (2001)

Click the CDBaby image to preview my recording band with world-class players/producers Gary Mallaber and Jack Sherman (1996 - 2001).  Mp3s are sold at CDbaby for .99 each. There is a band bio there as well. You know Gary's drumming from The Steve Miller Band and other similar acts, and you know Jack Sherman as a Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist in the early 1980s, among other acts. These songs are very special!
In From the Cold: In From the Cold