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2/9/2020 -- Thanks to The Buffalo News for posting my poem, "A Refugee's Ode to Yet." 

8/13/2019 -- Finishing Line Press (Georgetown, KY) has just published my new chapbook, The Scenery of Saviors. Copies can be ordered at this link, or on Amazon (upcoming), and I will have copies for sale at select shows. These 25 poems feature folks who endeavor to improve or inspire the lives of others whether out of love or civic duty, obligation or adoration, and sometimes in spite of themselves. PSSST: They're cheaper here. See the store link at the bottom of this page.

5/7/2019 -- Broad River Review at Gardner-Webb University has accepted "I Heard a Woman" (Boliing Springs, NC).

5/2/2019 -- The Showbear Family Circus accepted my poem for poet Archibald MacLeish, "Man Made Art" (5/25 pub. date)

4/11/2019 --Thanks to Hobart Literary Journal for accepting my three-word baseball poem "A Good Game" for its April 24th edition. 

4/2/2019 -- I am thrilled to announce that The University of Kent's arts magazine has just accepted one of my new poems for its June 5th edition. (Paris, France)

4/1/2019 -- "Is Maria There" and "After a Funeral for a Man in his Twenties" were just graciously accepted by The University of Wyoming's Owen Wister Review.

3/15/2019 -- One of my newest poems will be published in the coming weeks by Spectrum Literary Journal (University of California at Santa Barbara's College of Creative Studies).

2/28/2019 -- "Squirrel Hill Tunnel" will be published in an upcoming edition of Toronto's White Wall Review

2/3/2019 -- "From a Western Woman to a Middle Eastern One" will be published in Universal Oneness: An Anthology of Magnum Opus Poems from around the World’ (360 poems by 360 poets from 60 Countries) to be published by Authorspress, New Delhi, India

01/06/2019 -- "A Portrait of Your Boy And Mine" was published in the winter edition of Mothers Always Write. The journal was unable to use this image which was the inspiration for the poem. 

12/29/2018 -- One of my favorite recent poems, "Ode to the House Dress" will be published in an upcoming print edition of Lily Poetry Review.

12/17/2018 -- "I Want to Ask..." will be published in the Spring 2019 issue of Metonym Literary Journal published by William Jessup University.

9/27/2018 -- Coming Soon: "The Refugee's Ode to Yet" will be published in the upcoming anthology, The Larger Geometrypublished by San Antonio peaceCENTER Press.

8/28/2018 -- Thanks to About Place Journal for accepting "Zaynab in the Community College Writing Lab" for publication in their October/November issue. 

8/24/2018 -- I am happy to have heard today that "She Met a Guy" was published by The Stirling Spoon

A recent poem inspired by Charles Bukowski was published by Ramingo's Porch: (May, 2018).

I am honored that "Haunting the Audubon," my poem with a Malcolm X theme, has been published in an Afro-Futurism Anthology edited by Dr. Scott Williams and published by The Writer's Den.

My poems have been published by Crack the Spine, Every Writer Magazine, The Buffalo News, Willard and Maple (Spring, 2019 / Burlington, Vermont), the above publications, and The Healing Muse. 

Sample New Poem

My Typical Summer 2020 Day

maybe I'll finally move to NYC

then I can kiss cars goodbye forever 

but I love my car and it loves me

it doesn't care if you live or die

and what about my equipment 

you don't need equipment 

you have no gigs but they'll be back 

right (text / chat / grade essays /

make more microwaved popcorn) 

or I could move to Harlem

right in the middle of it yes ma'am

ooooh look at those Buffalo lofts 

maybe I should go back to school

maybe I should be a full-time singer 

yes that's what I'll do (right / where)

that was always the plan for later

when the kids left I'd travel and gig

the way I meant to before but now

wow look at that studio in Woodstock 

maybe I'll stay in safe perky Clarence

no you won't / but I should / don't do it

make smoothies for kids then repeat

out loud they do not live here anymore

I don't have time to watch The Crown

yes you do / no I don't / but you will

maybe I should become a Buddhist

so you won't interrupt me all the time 

sure we can have coffee / no we can't 

yes we can / no we can't / I'm too busy

(more school work more school work)

maybe I should get a dog / go to sleep

must get coffee / drink almost none of it 

apply to teach in Queens because why not

I have a friend in Astoria and he seems

perfectly happy / even this summer

Written 06/03/2020

Trusted Trees

just the sight of our man in blue
made us feel safe as policemen do
like tree-lined streets did all our youth

we loved him like our favorite cartoon
his hat was so cool
men could shave in his shoes

I grew taller and so did you
and so did the trees and he might've too
in that uniform always of goodness and truth

then he filled you with bullets
in a fog of fear and midnight

a woman now I still find solace
in green spaces under well-meaning oaks

but even the slightest breeze and I'm gone
as I have learned that all it takes

is a branch to break
one moment before it falls

The Scenery of Saviors | 25 Poems (2016-2019) | $10 + $2 S&H 
Published by Finishing Line Press (KY)

The Scenery of Saviors | 25 Poems (2016-2019) | $10 + $2 S&H Published by Finishing Line Press (KY)

The Stoppies | 30 poems (2012-2015) | $10 + $2 S&H

The Stoppies | 30 poems (2012-2015) | $10 + $2 S&H

Order Books Here
Order Books Here