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Open Doors (From CD It Wasn't Wasted)

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Open Doors

closed bars and restaurants
closed schools and meeting spots

hospitals at breaking points
absolutely no street noise

closed Venetian waterways
they're closing everything today

open windows open doors
marquee signs from ours to yours

open balconies in Rome
open live streams from home

children born across the world
may never know the way we were

open doors open doors
open doors open doors

closed eyes closed for good
closed goodbyes 'cause no one could

get inside to say goodbye
closing gates closing skies

some alone and no one knows
closed 'til someone finally shows

parents close so they can cry
closed accounts over night

open windows open doors
watch a neighbor pace the floor

rocking chairs on the porch
six feet apart

open-ended offerings
all that's open now is spring

open doors open doors
open doors open doors

and breathe